Why Stage Vacant Houses?

Did you realize that a buyer stays in a vacant house an average of 5 minutes, but lingers in a furnished home an average of 40 minutes?

Simply put, empty rooms do not evoke warmth and invite potential buyers to linger. If a buyer does not walk in and look in every room, it is not likely they are going to purchase that property. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people cannot visualize the potential of a vacant house. Since only 1 in 10 people can visualize how a house will look with furniture in it, the precious moments that they spend previewing your property are spent thinking: Will my furniture fit? Where will I place my sofa? What is this room used for? They become so bogged down with these thoughts and questions that they end up missing the actual features of the house.

Buyers not only look at a house with their eyes, but also with their heart. At the end of the day, the home that they remember the most will be the one that presented itself as warm, inviting, and triggered an emotional connection with them. A house that has been ‘Staged’ stands out from the competition and, therefore, commands the attention of potential buyers/agents and receives offers more quickly.

If you have a vacant house for sale and are located in Central Va including Richmond, Williamsburg, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg, visit the 'Home Staging Services/Pricing' section of our website for more information or give us a call at (804) 332-4477. We are anxious to assist you through this process and turn your empty 'house' into a "home sweet home' that buyers are sure to fall in love with!

Featured Testimonial

September 8, 2011


I just want to thank you again for the way you made my home shine in a tough market! Who would have known that people really are so unimaginative that they can’t visualize their own furniture in an empty house! I thought staging was a waste of money and unnecessary, but when you pointed out that the only thing people have to look at in an empty house are the flaws, it made perfect sense. Once you performed your magic, I think the very first couple that walked through the doors of my house made an offer. That is quite a testament – it had been on the market for over 8 months previously! Thank you so much for your suggestions, and for making my house look like a home! I will definitely be using your services again if and when we decide to move again!

Tracy Rohr

Richmond VA Home Staging & Redesign provides professional assistance with staging your house, condo or townhouse for sale or living. Whether you are seeking a home stager in RVA, Henrico, Williamsburg, Chesterfield, Chester, Colonial Heights, Hanover, Ashland, Fredericksburg, Midlothian, Powhatan, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Goochland, Charlottesville Virginia or beyond let us design your house to sell. We are happy to stage and furnish your vacant or occupied home for sale in VA. In addition we are here to assist with all of your interior redesign and interior decorating needs including color consultation.