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Richmond Home Staging & Redesign, Inc

Let us help you pick the PERFECT PAINT COLOR!



Choosing Interior wall colors? OR do you need assistance with Exterior paint color selections? We are here to help!

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to pull together the look of your décor can be achieved by the use of wall color. Choosing the 'right' paint color is the single most important decorating decision you will make. For most, it is also the most difficult of decorating tasks. Save yourself the hassle and money associated with experimenting with samples and perhaps choosing the wrong color and contact us TODAY! 

Are you a good candidate for a Color Consultation?

  • Do you desire a 'change',  but become overwhelmed with the number of choices, so you do nothing?
  • Did you move into a home because you loved its architectural interest outside, but you're not thrilled with, or have grown tired of the color palette?
  • Have you collected paint store swatches that look perfect in the store, however, you still can't seem to make a decision?
  • Have you already painted colors on your walls from swatches that you've picked up and still can't make a decision?
  • Have you painted a room in the past, but the color still just doesn't seem 'right'?
  • Have you moved into a new home, but the old paint doesn't fit your style and furnishings, and you're not sure where to begin?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're a good candidate for a color consultation! Did you realize that the cost of this consultation will pay for itself many times over if you make one mistake in choosing the wrong color?! Contact us today, and we'll come to your place with all our color swatches for your reference. We will help you pick the best paint color that matches your furnishings and style. Choosing colors for your exterior has it's own unique set of challenges that we will help you overcome, and choose a color palette that you LOVE!

$150.00 includes up to 2 hours of consultation within a 20-mile radius ($25.00 surcharge over 20 miles)

                                                                                                  Featured Testimonial.....

Worth Every Penny!!!

We were looking for help with redesign and color consultation in our new home. We chose Pam Bosetti with Richmond Home Staging & Redesign because she really listened to what we wanted. She was never bossy or controlling, and has great ideas and a talent for design! She helped us choose colors for our rooms, arranged furniture, hung pictures, and helped us to incorporate recently inherited family pieces into our lifestyle. Her rates are more than reasonable, and she is fun to work with. I will call Pam again, and highly recommend her for anyone who needs decorating or redesign assistance.


M. Sharp

Henrico, VA