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It all starts at the CURB......



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Twenty Tips to Improve CURB APPEAL:

That's right, it is curb appeal that entices a potential buyer to want to come inside and preview your property over the neighbor's down the street. Many homes that are beautiful on the inside never get viewed because they lack curb appeal. Don't fall into this trap and neglect curb appeal. Keep these simple tips in mind when preparing your home for the fiercely competitive real estate market and rest assured that you'll attract potential buyers for showings. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression!

1. Remove and store any tools, lawn ornaments, toys and general clutter. Potential safety hazards should be eliminated.

2. Crop and trim all plants, shrubs, trees and flower beds. Remove any dead plants or those about to die and replace with new plants. Everything should look neat and orderly.

3. Give dirty siding and decks a good power washing or paint, as needed. Be careful of damaging the siding.

4. Remove weeds along the sides and between the cracks of sidewalks and driveways.

5. Wash off the walkways and porches with a hose. Make sure that the ceilings of all porches are clean and in good repair.

6. Get the leaves hauled away, mow the lawn, edge the walkways, and weed the garden. Replace old mulch with new to brighten up the garden.

7. Repair, paint, or replace old or damaged mailboxes.

8. Remove all stains from the driveway or hire someone to do it.

9. Remove mold, mildew or other unsightly stains that may be visible anywhere on the home's exterior, including the roof.

10. Make sure the street in front of the home is free of debris. Look up and down the street for any other litter and have it cleaned up.

11. Check the gutters and downspouts. Replace, clean or repair as needed.

12. Make sure that your 'welcome' mat at the front entry is welcoming. It should be clean and in excellent condition. If your mat is personalized with any message other than 'Welcome' invest in a new one.

13. A new or up to date light fixture by the front door is mandatory. They are pretty inexpensive and have a huge impact.

14. Make sure the house numbers are in excellent condition and are visible from the street.

15. Door hardware should gleam. Make sure the doorbell is attractive and that it works.

16. If space permits add potted plants in attractive urns-preferably with color-right beside the front door.

17. Polish the wood on the front door or add a new coat of paint. The front door should be an attractive and welcoming focal point.

18. Give all of your windows a thorough cleaning so that they sparkle like new. Remove the screens and store them in the attic or garage. SO easy and the impact to curb appeal is HUGE!

19. Do a visible inspection of your roof. Repair flashings & replace damaged or missing shingles. If the roof is in poor condition hire a professional to replace it before listing.

20. Many potential buyers ride by at night. Be sure to turn outdoor and indoor lighting on at dark to create extra curbside ambiance.

Exercise these tips prior to listing your home with a professional real estate expert and you'll be sure to draw potential buyer's through your door for showings. Also, since it is difficult to look at our own home in the same way that potential home buyers do, be sure to hire a certified home staging professional to assist with transforming your home's interior into an environment that potential buyers will find appealing and fall in love with. Contact Richmond Home Staging and Redesign and lets get started today!