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Richmond Home Staging & Redesign, Inc

Don't just list your house and SEE what happens - STAGE it to SELL!



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Established in 2007, owner Pam Bosetti has proven herself to be a leader in the industry, and has been providing professional, quality home staging and decorating assistance throughout Richmond and Central Virginia for 15 years! Her thorough understanding and knowledge of the Richmond real estate market allows her to custom tailor a design plan specific to your property no matter what the demographics or price tag call for.

Perhaps you are getting ready to list your house for sale or it has been on the market a while and is not receiving offers. When you live in a home day to day, it is nearly impossible to be objective about it. Our homes are decorated based on our own individual needs and personal taste. When you have your home staged by a certified home staging professional, it involves more than just removing clutter, decorating and cleaning. Home staging creates a mood that appeals to all five senses. It makes your house look more spacious, brighter, cleaner, warmer and most importantly sparks the emotions that drive potential buyers to write offers. Staging takes the personal element out of your home and neutralizes it so that potential buyers can envision themselves living there.

At Richmond Home Staging and Redesign, we know how to define and maximize your home’s emotional potential, thereby distinguishing it from all the others and generating a connection with buyers. Get a competitive edge in the real estate market by having our experts prepare your home for sale. Simply put, a professionally staged home will sell faster and for more money than comparable non-staged homes. Browse around our website and contact us today!